Other ex-BTBs.

Monday Blues and lesser cases at work yesterday led my itchy fingers to browse through other ex-BTBs’ blogs who got married around the same time I did to see how they are doing 8 to 12 months later. Some have moved into their new beautiful houses, some have traveled to a lot of fancy places, some are now erm, pregnant and some have given birth.

I felt a little jealous.. I wished I was one of those who are now pregnant/have given birth. 2 of the girls I know from IG who got married a week after me have both given birth to a baby boy and a baby girl. They post baby pictures almost everyday and are always mentioning how grateful they are to Allah for their little bundle of joy.

I am just numb at this point. I am seriously numb that I am no longer very sad nor am I very happy. I am just living each day, a day at a time – crazy BD-ing during our fertile week and the rest of it just praying and wishing hard and back to feeling numb. Oh well..

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