11th cycle! On to the next…….

We are finally back from our much needed holiday. My period came about 30 minutes before we departed but there was NO pain/cramps/signs at all. I was quite hopeful at first thinking it could just be implantation bleeding but it lasted the whole day and continued the next day as well so, ya.. wishful thinking.

I am just very amazed at how I did not have ANY cramps at all & my period was really short too. It lasted only 2 days! By the 3rd day, my pad was literally white (!!) followed by small spots here and there up till day 6. On day 4, I had diarrhea probably due to the really spicy turkish food then, followed by 2 days of sudden sharp pains in my tummy. All in all, my period treated me rather nicely this month. Thank Allah for that because I was overseas and I was hoping to not be in so much pain while trying to enjoy my holiday.

With that said, I am now 2 days away from my fertile period and I am starting to get nervous again. :S Madness starts in 2 days.

One last update before I end this post, I found out another good friend of mine is pregnant while I was away. I had a meltdown that night – for the same reason again, “what is wrong with me?” but I became calm again the next day.

“Rezeki masing-masing”. Insha Allah.

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