8 DPO.

It’s 8 DPO today and I have been waiting for some other signs to pop up but no, none. No tender boobs, no sensitive nipples, no extra mucus flow, zilch.

The only “symptoms” that are still lingering are those crazy, vivid dreams (even during my 15 minutes nap) and extreme hunger but both of them are kind of normal even for women who are not trying so, ya, I know I am out this month.

But that is okay.. I am looking forward to my highly anticipated trip overseas, like finally?! After exhausting all our funds on renovating and decorating the house and replenishing household products every 2 weeks or so, we finally have $$ to travel again!

Erm, not really a 2nd honeymoon as the very smart me booked this holiday on the same day as AF (Cycle Day 1) -_-‘ But I feel like it will be a good time for us to really take a break from TTC and enjoy. If I booked a holiday on my fertile week, I would be probably be thinking about BD-ing every single minute so as not to waste any possible conceiving moment/day.

So, yes. Holiday. Relax, Enjoy.