6DPO (I think.)

So yesterday, I discovered a splat of yellowish, whitish thick mucus. I can’t help but to start crazy googling at 1am in the morning to figure out what it may mean. I wished I hadn’t done so because now I am hoping for a BFP at the end of this cycle – which I know will be a disappointment anyway..

Also, my dreams have been very vivid the past few days. I can remember clearly everything I dreamt about which is weird because on days when I am sooo tired before falling asleep, I don’t think I even manage to squeeze in a dream or two while sleeping o.O

However, from my experience the past 9 months, symptoms like thick mucus during “implantation day” no longer mean a thing to me. I’ve had all sort of “symptoms” throughout our TTC period but AF still showed up 😦 I know, it could have been just me overthinking everything.

Some symptoms I’ve had that led to a BFN anyway are:

  • Sore boobs
  • Cramping for 2 days during suspected ovulation day
  • Diarrhea AND constipation -_-‘
  • Frequent urinating
  • Feeling very, very, very sleepy/tired
  • Feeling very, very, very hungry
  • Feeling very, very, very emotional
  • Bloated tummy
  • Nausea
  • Alot of yellowish mucus on and off on days leading to period

So, you see.. I really no longer believe in symptoms and I no longer feel the need to even purchase a HPT. I have convinced myself the only way I can confirm I am pregnant is through a missed period because my period is very, very punctual. But I will definitely update more as the days go by to see if I get more mucus till THE day. Sigh……………….

Edit: Oh yes, can I also add that just before going to bed, I went to pee. & right after that, I felt like pee-ing again. I thought the pee would be little and painful – because the urge to pee in that short period of time could mean UTI, right? But no. I peed a lot the 2nd time too. & since I stock up on cranberry juice in the fridge, I quickly went to drink only a few sips (to avoid a full bladder) last night right after the 2nd pee.

& in the morning which was only 4+ hours later, I peed lots again. OMG. Could this be the effect of the massage – to cleanse everything inside my body? Pregnancy symptom too, maybe? AHHHHHHHH driving me insaneeeeeee.

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