Massage #1

I finally got around to call a professional to give me a good massage which consists of repairing my body and preparing for conception – not those relaxation massages you get when you go on holiday. My mum has been bugging and advising me to get someone to do it for me since 6 months ago but no one has highly recommended anyone good for me to call.

I felt a bit relieved knowing that the masseuse tried really hard to  “hit” all the spots needed to “release” all the “wind” that was trapped in my body.  She also helped to massage my “womb”/tummy area. It wasn’t really comfortable and painful, definitely but I am happy I got it done. She also gave me some tips on how to take care of my body..

Now, let’s pray this massage works or at the very least, slowly help in preparing my womb for pregnancy (in future, if any.)

One thought on “Massage #1

  1. Interesting blog! As a massage therapist I would suggest weekly massages! They will relax your body , mind and spirit! If you are stressed it can prevent you from getting pregnant. Watch funny movies nothing scary! Meditation, yoga helps too! 🙂


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