Another 2 week wait begins….

Finally, after a crazy week or two of  major BD-ing (HAHA, TMI), we’re finally into our 2WW. & you know what? I still do not have any CM! Why is this happening? 😦

Nevertheless, I will be okay this month if AF shows up. I really think I am okay now – not going to bawl my eyes out if we don’t conceive this month because I do not feel any ovulation signs anyway? But with Allah’s grace and our faith in Him, we may conceive if He allows it.. right? Insha Allah 🙂
I saw the “passport” photo of my friend’s  baby boy yesterday and Masha Allah, how can one tiny human being be sooooooooo cute! He is perfect, really. Symmetrical face, fair skinned and everything else that is perfect in between. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah. I am still so happy for her 🙂

To end this post, let’s welcome the 2ww with open arms! My mantra for this month is “It s okay. It will be okay..”

Insha Allah, Allah give me patience and strength. Amin.